About Us

Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company is committed to helping our clients build positive and lasting relationships with their customers,  employees and in the case of the public sector with their citizens. 

How do we do that?

We work with our customers to provide valuable assistance services to the people they care about most. Whether they are stuck on a lonely road having run out of gas, need urgent legal advice or help caring for a child who is suffering from the flu. We pride ourselves in being there at the right time with the service and support that will mean the most to people who need it.

Our reputation is based on commitment, innovation, and a proven track record of performance. Assistance Services Group is a Canadian subsidiary of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. of Tampa Florida, U.S.A. The SYKES® family includes over 54,000 employees from twenty-three countries working in forty languages in locations all around the world. For us acting locally while thinking globally is much more than a business cliché, we deliver on it each and every day. 

What We Do

We work with our clients to identify services that add value to their customer and employee relationships as well as support for citizens who have access to government-sponsored programs. Your customers may appreciate a unique Roadside Assistance program that only you can offer them.  Your employees may benefit from a tobacco cessation program or a return to work solution. We can help you develop programs that work for your organization and add real value to your relationships. 

What We Believe

We believe in relationships!

While our business is helping you build relationships with your customers, employees and citizens, we couldn’t be successful if we didn’t place the same priority on building our relationship with you. That’s why we constantly strive to imagine and develop valuable new services, streamline our delivery of existing services, and meet your organization’s specific needs.

We believe in value

Your customers, employees or citizens have invested in their relationship with you either by purchasing a product or paying taxes. We help you to deliver a return on that investment by providing solutions that go above and beyond what one would usually expect. We believe strongly in the concept of added value and through our use of Lean process design, we ensure that your customers will find value in every interaction that they have with us.

We believe in change

What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Today’s technology might be obsolete next week. Our approach involves constant evaluation of what works and what does not, based on real numbers and real research. Our success has been built on our ability not only to change with the times, but to anticipate that change and be ready for it.

We believe in you

Assistance Services Group takes the concept of partnership very seriously. When we partner with you, we partner with the vision, goals, and character of your organization. We want you to succeed and we will do everything in our power to help you make that happen. 

Working with Us

We are experts in building customer relationships that work, starting with the relationships we enjoy with our clients.

The pillars of our business are integrity, flexibility, and results. We will stand behind the guarantees we make as your partner, because we know that loyalty depends on satisfaction. 

We also know that the realities and priorities of any organization can change in a hurry. We have survived for 50 years because we can adapt what we do quickly to meet your needs for the present and the future.

Finally, we know that no business relationship can survive if it doesn’t produce results. Assistance Services Group will help you identify specific goals and targets for your program, and deliver results that will keep your "customers" happy.

Peace of Mind

Managing and monitoring customer relationships can be an extremely difficult proposition, especially if you serve millions of people around the globe. When we say we specialize in Assistance Services, we mean we can deliver peace of mind for your customers, for your employees and for you.