Customer Assistance / Intake Navigation

Join Our Customer Assistance / Intake Navigation Team

Our Customer Care and Intake Navigation Teams focus on automotive, health and business support assistance, and are comprised of individuals who are ready to help those in need working on site or at home.

Our ideal candidates are those who demonstrate:

  •  exceptional customer service skills
  •  strong communication and listening abilities
  •  the attitude that a caller’s needs are most important
  •  solid computer literacy skills

Also, we need quick learners who can support their teams efficiently – both as an independent thinker and collaborative team player.


As a 24/7 operation, Assistance Services Group is looking for team members able to work varying shifts. You will be scheduled to work weekdays, weekends, and statutory holidays – including mornings, afternoons, evenings, and overnight shifts.

You will also enjoy Work from Home opportunities and competitive wages, as well as bilingual and shift premiums.


We’re committed to your growth – we have progressive training and development programs to prove it. You can expect in-class or virtual education with on-the-job experience and development programs, featuring a variety of online and classroom courses to develop your skills.

You will be evaluated in class. Informal observations of attendance, participation, completion of assigned modules and progression of knowledge/skills from day to day and week to week are noted. Formal evaluations (testing scenarios) occur weekly, to ensure that you are meeting benchmarks and demonstrating the required skillset necessary to move ahead, to exit training and to move into production taking live calls.

We’re firm believers in promoting from within. You’ll have access to all current job openings and the opportunity to move into a new role when possible. Our managers coach and develop their staff in their current positions while working with the employee to help them succeed.


  •  We work towards the same goal of providing our callers with unrivalled customer experience.
  •  Our employee satisfaction survey results are high - you will find yourself in a supportive and fun environment at Assistance Services Group.
  •  Our onsite locations are easily accessible by bus and car, and there are many amenities nearby. 

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