Context Research

Context Research was established in 1990, and has forged a solid reputation for developing programs that help their clients build healthy, sustainable communities. Context works with a range of clients in British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut and the Yukon. Context is known for combining new ideas with proven methodologies. They challenge the traditional ways of thinking to explore creative solutions that stand out and importantly, that work. Context Research services include:

  • Research  & Consultation
  • Program Development & Management
  • Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications & Social Marketing

Sykes Assistance Services has worked with Context for several years in the delivery of our tobacco cessation and wellness services. Context has developed deep expertise in social media based engagement and program dissemination amongst users and referral partners such as family physicians. At Sykes Assistance Services we have found that the online tools that Context has developed add significantly to the experience of the end user and allow our coaches to meet their clients in the space that works best for them both; be it over the phone or in an on-line environment such as a web based tobacco cessation forum.  For more information about  Context Research please visit their web site or for a great example of our work together please visit  Quitnow and experience a world class tobacco cessation program.