Founded in 1975, Healthwise is a respected expert and recognized industry leader in creating health content that is easy to understand, engaging, and motivating.  Winner of several awards for web health, plain language, health information and media, Healthwise recognizes the greatest untapped resource in health care is the patient. The Healthwise solution is used in many of the most respected healthcare systems in the world as well as in several Canadian Provinces. Sykes has implemented the Healthwise solution to provide Canadian multichannel health information content for our client's programs. Healthwise content is developed through the collaborative efforts of the Healthwise health information and medical teams using a comprehensive research and review process. Healthwise employs full-time professional medical researchers, writers, and editors and provides Canadian Content that can include content specific to a region or jurisdiction. Healthwise began to provide French Canadian content in early 2014. Healthwise develops its products with these objectives in mind: health content must be easy to understand, it must teach people how to do as much as they can for themselves, ask for the care that they need, and say no to the care that’s not right for them.

By implementing the Healthwise solutions we can provide bilingual self-service web based information, coach mediated decision support, personal health campaigns, automated voice based outreach, post discharge follow up and a myriad of other implementations that require the delivery of interactive health content over multiple channels.  More information on these award winning solutions can be found on the Healthwise web site.