Research Takes HealtheSteps Forward

Posted on Friday, May 23, 2014 under Healthcare

In the summer addition of the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation's on line journal Vim and Vigour you can read about a great new initiative born out of a long standing partnership between Sykes Assistance Services and The Lawson Health Research Institute.  For moreA picture of a family enjoying a run on the beach information on an exciting project to show the benefits of a wellness program designed for people who may have, or who may be at risk of developing a chronic illness like Type II Diabetes please see page 48 of the summer issue of the on line journal. We are proud to participate in such an innovative initiative with partners like The Lawson Health Research Institute, The Public Health Agency of Canada, Dietitians of Canada, Dairy Farmers of Canada and Sanofi Canada. For more information on how our CareCoach® model of lifestyle coaching can fit into your wellness or chronic illness support program please contact us by following the links below.