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Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 under Healthcare

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Sykes Assistance Services is pleased to announce that they have recently signed a distribution agreement with Colorado based Selfcare Decisions to make a customized version of their "Symptom Checker"  app available to the Canadian healthcare market. Sykes's bilingual (English and French)  CareCoach® Mobile app will be available initially for the Android and IOS mobile operating systems. Sykes has used the apps' embedded Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols since 2003 and has helped over 12 million Canadians since that time. While Canadians appreciate the nearly ubiquitous access provided by provincial nurse contact centres many minor health problems can be managed by people on their own if they have access to the right information and support. CareCoach® Mobile fits this role since it uses the same evidence based protocols as those used by the Sykes telehealth nurses. It can be used anywhere that the person has their smart phone even if they do not have access to the internet. 

"We chose the Schmitt-Thompson solution because they are the most widely used in North America and due to our experience in working with them to localize the guidelines to our Canadian healthcare system" said Jim Murphy Sykes' Vice President of Healthcare Strategy and Business Development.

Another unique feature of the application is the user's ability to share their results with friends, family, their healthcare provider or a telehealth nurse, a feature that supports the continuity of care. In fact Sykes plans to make the experience of the user as seamless as possible by providing a secure solution to help users to share their mobile experience with a telehealth nurse. 

The application is also very flexible providing modules that can be customized for program sponsors allowing for a complete branded experience for end users. The CareCoach® Mobile app is being offered as part of Sykes' Self-Care Support Service which also features a full multi channel self-care experience based on solutions such as the Healthwise suite of health information and preference based decision support. The app will be marketed to Provincial Governments, the Canadian Insurance Industry, Employers and any other healthcare program sponsors. The application is in the final stages of localization and will be available by the end of 2015. Those organizations that are interested in the service will be able to purchase it as part of a Sykes Assistance Services end-to-end telehealth solution or as a stand alone license.

About Sykes Assistance Services Corporation

Sykes Assistance Services is Canada’s leading provider of multichannel contact centre based telehealth services, covering over 18 million lives with over 300 professional nurses and care managers available 24 / 7 to meet the needs of our clients.  Sykes provides symptom assessment, health information, addictions counselling, lifestyle coaching, remote monitoring, chronic illness support, and a variety of public health information lines on behalf of our government and industry partners.   

Operating four contact centres across Canada, Sykes Assistance Services offers a broad range of assistance based services including Healthcare, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance, Home Assistance and Customer Service Assistance.  For additional information, please visit  or contact us at 1 866 522 6148

About Selfcare Decisions

SelfCare Decisions writes and distributes health content for use on websites, in mobile apps and within patient portals.  The content includes an easy to use Symptom Checker.  The content is evidence-based and written by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson.  Their triage protocols are used by over 90% of the nurse advice lines in North America.  The Symptom Checker helps people to evaluate symptoms and determine the proper action to take.  The value of the Symptom Checker tool is to support healthcare decision-making and provide step-by-step self-care instructions for those symptoms that can be managed at home. The content is reviewed and revised annually by the authors and a panel of expert reviewers.  Using the Symptom Checker within a mobile app makes decision-support even more actionable.  Mobile apps enable way-finding! With one additional tap, users can locate or connect with healthcare facilities (hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centres), physician practices or social services. More information can be found on the SelfCare Decisions website at (

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