Helping People to Choose - Registered Dietitians Services

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2018 under Healthcare
Sykes Assistance Services Corporation is proud to announce the addition of Dietitians to our team of telehealthcare providers. We all know that what we eat is a key contributing factor in determining the quality and in fact quantity of our lives. With so much information available about food from so many competing sources it is almost impossible to make rational choices for ourselves and our families.
Available as part of one of our CareCoach® healthy lifestyle services or as a stand alone element in a chronic disease self management program our Nutrition Information Service provides access to Registered Dietitians who can help people integrate diet into their lifestyle programs.  
Our Nutrition Information Service was designed to help governments, health plans and employers to support their populations with just-in-time information and advice in the areas of:
• Chronic Disease Self-Management
• Infant - Childhood Nutrition
• Food Safety • Disease Prevention / Wellness
• Medication - Food Interactions
• and many others
About Sykes Assistance Services
Sykes Assistance Services Corporation is Canada’s leading provider of multichannel contact centre supported telehealth services. We support over 18 million Canadians with a talented team of Registered Nurses, navigators and coaches available 24 / 7 to meet the needs of our clients. Sykes provides symptom assessment, health information, addiction support, lifestyle coaching, health system navigation, chronic illness support, and a variety of public health information lines on behalf of our government and industry partners.
Operating three contact centres across Canada, Sykes offers a broad range of assistance based services including Healthcare, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance, Home Assistance and Customer Service Assistance. For additional information on this service or any other service we provide, please visit or contact us at 1-866-522-6148.  Information on where to contact a Registered Dietitian is available here