Introducing: Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company

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London, ON, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 – SYKES® Assistance Services Corporation, a Canadian operated company, is now called Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company.

This new name better represents the company’s role as a leader in specialized assistance programs. The new logo and name set the company apart and better reflect the innovative and progressive services provided across the Canadian marketplace.

With a new company name and new software platforms and service offerings to help customers, this is a new era in assistance services. 

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After 64 years in business, the company believes the name Assistance Services Group truly reflects their role as Canada’s leading provider of omnichannel services that support more than 18 million Canadians 24/7.

About Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company

Assistance Services Group specializes in workplace solutions and supporting clients in the healthcare, financial, insurance and automotive sectors with innovative and progressive business process outsourcing solutions. Assistance Services Group is accredited through Accreditation Canada and over the last decade has created an almost complete virtualization of their contact centre environment to best support clients and employees.

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