SelfCare Decisions

SelfCare Decisions writes and distributes health content for use on websites, in mobile apps and within patient portals.  The content includes an easy to use Symptom Checker.  The Symptom Checker is a consumer-friendly version of the nurse triage protocols used by our telehealth services. The content is evidence-based and written by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson.  Their triage protocols are used by over 90% of the nurse advice lines in North America.  The Symptom Checker helps people to evaluate symptoms and determine the proper action to take.  The value of the Symptom Checker tool is to support healthcare decision-making and provide step-by-step self-care instructions for those symptoms that can be managed at home. The content is reviewed and revised annually by the authors and a panel of expert reviewers.  More topics are added every year. Using the Symptom Checker within a mobile app makes the decision-support even more actionable.  Mobile apps enable way-finding! With one additional tap, users can locate or connect with healthcare facilities (hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centres), physician practices or social services. Symptom Checker apps can also make quick connections to websites and health resources such as the telehealth service provided by Sykes Assistance Services. More information can be found on the SelfCare Decisions website (