Business Support Services

Your latest promotional campaign is a huge success.  Potential customers are interested in your products and services, and phones are ringing off the hook with information requests and product orders.

Now how are you going to manage all of this traffic?

It's expensive and stressful to maintain an in-house operation to deal with customer inquiries and handle fulfillment requests.  It's also difficult to dedicate your time to overseeing this crucial end of your business.

Fortunately, you have a partner who can help. 

Your Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted customer access to your service and product information
  • Increased sales potential and exposure
  • 24-hour accessibility without high overhead costs

Your Customers' Benefits:

  • Convenient access to information, advice and assistance
  • Immediate response to questions and issues

At Assistance Services Group we specialize in developing business support programs that work for our clients.  Whether you need call centre services to provide round-the-clock support to your customers, or a reliable partner to manage your mail-outs, we can help you deliver when it counts.