CareCoach® Tobacco Cessation


"It is projected that we will see annual global tobacco-related deaths rise from 5 million to 10 million by 2020"

Giving up tobacco is one of the smartest and most valuable decisions anyone can make. Smoking and the use of tobacco products in general are major contributing factors to lung disease and several cancers, plus a host of other serious health issues that can affect and even end an individual's life. But quitting smoking is much easier said than done. Most people have to make several attempts at quitting before they finally succeed, partly because they don’t have the resources and professional advice they need to break the habit. 

Tobacco-related illnesses put tremendous pressure on our health care system. Hospital visits, diagnoses, and treatments for these diseases demand time and resources that cost taxpayers, employers and individuals millions of dollars every year. Reducing smoking means lowering that  burden and directing health care resources to other important areas.

Our CareCoach® Tobacco Cessation program is available to governments, insurers and employers as a means of limiting the impact of smoking and its associated costs. We take a person-centred approach, guiding each individual step-by-step through the quitting process to ensure the highest chance of success. Along with our CareCoach® tobacco cessation counsellors, we also employ registered nurses and other licensed medical professionals, and use up-to-date evidence-based resources. CareCoach® offers a tobacco cessation program available 24 / 7 via a toll-free telephone number, a tobacco cessation web site, social media based online communities, text messaging, chat and automated voice channels.  This service, staffed by trained cessation counsellors, provides confidential multichannel cessation counselling for those who want to stop using tobacco.

Contemplating a quit attempt
One of the Best Decisions that You Can Make and We Can Help You Get There

SYKES CareCoaches® provide enhanced support and assistance to eligible individuals who want to quit smoking using evidence-based protocols and the concepts of readiness, motivation and self efficacy.  Based on our experience in the Canadian North Sykes also has expertise in supporting people from our First Nations, Métis and Innuit communities. Using the spirit of motivational interviewing counsellors provide information and advice about smoking cessation, support materials (brochures and electronic media) and referrals to other programs as required. In addition, SYKES CareCoaches® answer panic calls from an individual, their spouse or dependent where the caller is in the midst of their quit plan and is tempted to relapse.  Our counsellors provide additional support and guidance to enable the caller to stay on track with their plan.