Hospital Patient Navigation

Proactive Management of People, Process and Technology

In the digital age of instant, multi-channel communications, hospitals and regional healthcare networks are realizing the benefits of improved patient care and new technologies with hospital patient navigation support programs.

Assistance Services Group can consolidate patient access, scheduling and pre-registration using flexible Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that reduce costs, enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes for both providers and patients alike. Furthermore, by supporting transitions in care programs, we can support the clinical, financial and jurisdictional requirements to reduce hospital readmission rates and improve overall outcomes for patients and their families.

The right balance of high tech and high touch.

Striking the right balance between high tech and human touch patient care, we help empower patients with easier access to hospital services, including appointment management and information access. Our patient-centric services streamline hospital scheduling processes, optimizing staff and equipment utilization, while reducing the occurrence of missed appointments and no-shows.

  • Optimize Utilization of Hospital Staff & Equipment
  • Reduce Costs – Improve Patient Care

Our flexible, multi-channel patient flow solutions include:

Centralized Customer Relationshup Management Centres for Scheduling, Assessment, Physician Referral and Post Discharge Follow-Up

Assistance Services Group Contact Centres can integrate live agent, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), email and text messaging systems with proven Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes. Service options include language preference, directory and operator assistance, and prompts to other departments.  Built-in redundancy, security, contingency and disaster recovery systems are included. We can support existing switchboard and department based inbound programs or provide them in their entirety. By setting appointments, sending automated reminders and coaching patients before tests and admissions Assistance Services Group improves the flow of patients in the hospital and utilization of scarce equipment and resources.

Symptom Assessment and Referral (tele-triage)

24/7 access to registered nurses using clinical guidelines help callers make informed decisions about care options. This proven clinical outreach solution provides reassurance to callers and their families, enhancing their ability to provide self-care, and ensuring that they have access to appropriate community based programs after they leave the hospital. By integrating the tele-triage and care transitions services our registered nurses can help support patients and their families as they transition home.  Triage nurses can reinforce elements of the discharge plan, ask about medication adherence or remind patients to set up an appointment with their family physician.

Health Coaching and Behaviour Support

The Assistance Services Group CareCoach® program can help patients and their families manage the post discharge experience by providing evidence-based assessments (e.g. patient activation measures) and coaching interventions to ensure that patients are ready and able to provide the appropriate self-management skills that have been linked to effective transitions in care. CareCoaches help patients set goals, enhance nutrition and as appropriate physical rehabilitation. They also have real time access to clinical support (e.g. nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social services) and a complete database of available community resources and programs. 

Multi-channel Communication

The Assistance Services Group multi-channel communications platform employs IVR, text messaging, email and regular mail to provide just in time information and support to patients and their families.  By reflecting the care plan initiated by hospital personnel we are able to enhance the frequency and timeliness with which messages are delivered to people after they have left the hospital. Assistance Services Group uses the award winning Healthwise® Coach Communicate platform to provide case specific information to patients and their informal care givers. Examples of messaging includes reminders for prescription refills, planned primary care visits, test results, nutrition tips, signs and symptoms that should be reported to your doctor, and client satisfaction and complaints management.

Knowledgebase Information Systems

Agents have access to a centralized knowledge base that features FAQs, appointment preparation and pre-registration requirements, hours of operation, directions and contact information. Easy access to this readily available information enhances the overall patient experience.

Workforce Efficiencies and Planning

Workforce management and benchmarking systems reduce staff costs and improve patient access - without sacrificing the quality of care.

We work with you to:

  • Ensure that patients have access to the right care at the right time and place, improving patient flow and enhancing public perception of the hospital and its providers
  • Establish a centralized knowledge base and scheduling and patient access system that optimizes utilization of hospital staff and equipment
  • Improve the overall patient access through proactive, best-in-class CRM processes
  • Create an automated outbound call and multi-modal appointment reminder system with patient-friendly cancellation/rescheduling and live agent options
  • Establish post-appointment/post-discharge follow-up patient support protocols that engage patients and their families in their care ensuring the best possible outcomes for them and their provider team