Pharmaceutical and Patient Support Services

  • Medications only work when they are taken as prescribed
  • Even when taken as directed many medications can cause adverse events which limit their usefulness
  • Programs that help surround patients and their families with care will improve outcomes for all stakeholders involved

We can help!

  • 24/7 access to clinical support and information on indications, contraindications and adverse effects
  • Above brand community outreach to support targeted diseases including chronic disease self management and wellness initiatives
  • Patient support and care management programs to improve clinical outcomes and medication adherence
  • Product recall support using highly scalable Health Canada and FDA  vetted processes
  • Patient recruitment for clinical trials (evidence-based assessment, concept selling, patient and provider engagement)
  • Creation, moderation and participation in on line communities 
  • Virtual detailing (retail, primary care and specialist physicians)

Our Experience

  • Over 15 million telehealth interventions since 1997
  • Virtual access to highly skilled registered nurses, behavioural coaches and  pharmacists
  • Long history of multi-channel inbound support for some of the worlds largest medical device and pharmaceutical brands 
  • Customer service support for  some of the largest product recalls in the history of the North American pharmaceutical inductry