Primary Care Navigation Support

After Hours

Working closely with our customers we have created a primary care support program that has allowed over 8,000 primary care providers to offer 24 / 7 primary care access.

By directly integrating our service with primary care clinics, Assistance Services Group can reduce the burden on physicians and provide appropriate access to patients after regular clinic hours.  This service has provided crucial health information and advice to callers while supporting the physician's desire to have their patients seen by the right care provider at the right time and location.  One of the key benefits of our integrated approach is to ensure that if at all possible patients are seen by their family physician in their clinic during regular office hours. By helping people cope with emerging symptoms we are able to support their decisions to either stay home and take care of themselves or to wait and see a member of their primary care team. However, if symptoms and the patient`s situation warrants a more acute approach we will help them get to the care they need.

Improving Patient Flow

Patients that miss appointments (i.e. “no shows”) or that are unprepared for appointments when they arrive can cause significant disruption for a practice.  In addition patients who need periodic check-ups but who forget to book these visits can cause harm to themselves and more work for the team. Through the use of automated appointment reminders and pre-appointment information Assistance Services Group can significantly improve the efficiency of a practice.  Also by identifying and then reaching out to targeted chronically ill patients we can ensure that people obtain the on-going care they need.


By implementing our CareCoach® program Assistance Services Group will extend the reach of the primary care team so that patients can be supported in between visits.  Using evidence-based approaches including motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural counselling we help providers deliver self-management support to their patients and informal care providers.  Our coaches are available to reach out to patients as part of a scheduled care management program or to speak to patients on an inbound unscheduled basis to help with navigation and issues they may be having with motivation. Our CareCoaches can provide access to a myriad of health information solutions including, disease specific self-management advice, preference based decision support, IVR and text message reminders, and self-paced e-learning tools.

We can help:

  • Provide 24/7 access to symptom assessment, referrals and appointment scheduling- keeping patients in your network
  • Support prepared activated patients that show up on time for appointments
  • Coach for lifestyle change and maintenance (tobacco cessation, weight loss and activation through exercise)
  • Complex patients and their families navigate an ever more complex system
  • Deescalate problems for patients that have complex psychosocial needs