Self-Care Support

People Centred Care

People that actively manage their own healthcare do better than those who are only passive participants in the system. To be full participants they need the tools and resources to help them play this role.  With health system resources becoming scarcer, many people have difficulty obtaining timely access to the information and advice they need. In the late 1990's Assistance Services Group began to meet this need by providing virtual access to healthcare expertise through our clinical contact centre services.  It was not long before we realized that people wanted to be able to find solutions on their own even before they contacted our nurses on the phone. It was with this in mind that we assembled a suite of evidence informed Self-Care solutions that we have integrated with our contact centre services.  

These solutions help people in several areas:

  • To perform self-service assessments about health risks and symptoms
  • To find health and social services in their area
  • To obtain reliable and understandable health information (e.g. Problems, diseases, medications, health services)
  • To make choices about care based on evidence and personal preference
  • To monitor their health (e.g. blood pressure, weight, blood glucose levels etc)   
  • To connect to people with similar needs or experts when they need more information or guidance

Choice of Channel

When assembling our services we have kept in mind that different people learn in different ways, that many people struggle with health literacy, and that different cultures have different approaches to care. Therefore as much as possible we provide information using the channel that suits the needs of the individual user.

Our Available Channels:

  • Internet based symptom assessment, health information and way finding services
  • The Symptom Checker app, self triage, health information and way finding services 
  • Smart phone supported self-monitoring
  • Automated communications using text, email and interactive voice solutions
  • On Line chat with a care provider
  • Social media supported community forums
  • Video supported virtual visits with a care provider
  • Online group sessions and webinars
  • Plain Old Telephone Services based assessment, way finding, navigation, coaching and advocacy

In every case we have implemented virtual, on line or mobile solutions that integrate seamlessly with the processes we use with our healthcare professionals working in our contact centre environments.