Sometimes our health system seems so complex that it feels like you are lost in the wilderness. Once you are in the system, however, the care is almost always excellent. It’s just that sometimes you are not sure where to go, who to talk to or whether or not you are getting the health services that you need. If you have ever faced this type of problem we can help.

Health and social system wayfinding is about more than pins on a map and open and closing times. Our clinical team is trained in the implementation of standardized assessments to ensure people are accessing the services they need and to which they are entitled.

Our tools are available by accessing one of our many telehealth programs over the phone, via email or chat or through self-service tools such as our mobile and online Symptom Checker.

We have developed our tools following standards maintained by The Alliance of Information & Referral Systems (AIRS)

Our tools include information about:

  • Healthcare Facilities (e.g. Ambulance, Emergency Departments, Primary Care Practices, Community Health Centres, Walk-in-Clinics, Labs, Homecare, Long Term Care, Public Health and Pharmacies)
  • Provincial Programs (e.g. Eligibility, Insurance, Assistance, Unattached Patients Programs)
  • Child Care
  • Addictions and Mental Health
  • Crisis Lines
  • Telehealth / Telemedicine Services
  • Not For Profits (Disease Specific and Those Dealing with the Social Determinants of Health)