Virtual Hold Technology

Preventing self-service dead ends. 

Virtual Hold Technology® (VHT) was founded by Mark J. Williams in 1995 in Akron, OH. Mark recognized the need to facilitate the process of getting customers and companies talking. He invented and patented Virtual Hold® which has eliminated thousands of years of frustrating hold time for consumers all over the world. Hundreds of companies also recognized the need and got on board, increasing customer satisfaction and elevating contact center productivity along the way. Instead of hanging up, trying again later and hoping to finally get through, VHT's solutions let customers keep their place in line and get a callback when it was their turn and in the time promised. Now we have extended our original technology to websites, smartphones, online social communities, TV set top boxes and more to solve the problem of self-service dead ends everywhere. This is the Conversation Bridge. 

Sykes Assistance Services has been working with Virtual Hold for several years to develop solutions aimed at improving the experience of our callers especially at busy times.  Now even during the coldest Canadian winter day our Roadside Assistance customers can manage their service by  placing a call and arranging a suitable window for us to contact them to set up their "boost or if necessary a tow to the nearest service location"