We provide expert assistance for moments that matter.

Assistance Services Group (ASG) is committed to building positive and lasting relationships with our clients’ customers,  employees and citizens. We provide enterprise-wide services addressing needs across a variety of industries, including automotive, healthcare, insurance and legal. But regardless of the industry, our goal remains the same: to provide timely assistance and information for the moments that matter most. Whether it’s car trouble in the middle of nowhere, or a child’s fever in the middle of the night, we pride ourselves on being there 24/7 with prompt, professional and experienced help.

Our History

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We're Believers

Not only the relationships you build with your customers, but the one we build with you. After all, the latter depends on the former. That’s why ASG will constantly strive to imagine and develop valuable new services; streamline delivery of our existing services; and meet your organization’s continually evolving customer care needs.

Your customers, employees or citizens have invested in you. We help you deliver a return on that investment by providing solutions that go above and beyond their expectations. We believe strongly in the concept of added-value, and through our use of lean process design we ensure that your customers will find value in every interaction they have with us.

What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow and today’s technology could be obsolete a year from now. The ASG approach involves constant evaluation of what works and what doesn’t, based on real numbers and real research. Our success has been built not only on our ability to change with the times, but to anticipate those changes, and prepare for seamless evolution and improvement.

ASG takes the concept of partnership very seriously. When we partner with you, we partner with the vision, goals and character of your organization. We "wear your hat," speak in your voice and embrace your values. When moments matter to your customers, those moments mean everything to us. And we’ll do whatever it takes to provide courteous, intelligent customer care on your behalf.

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We’re looking for people who put people first.

If you’re ready to love your career, ASG may be the perfect fit. ASG believes that work should feel meaningful. It should be motivating and inspiring, offering the opportunity for growth and development. We offer our employees much more than a job; we offer rewarding careers that allow our team to make a positive impact. As experts in "the moments that matter most," our business is about supporting people, and our team is at the very heart of that. Their commitment is what makes us successful and we reward it at every turn.

Meet our Leadership Team

The ASG leadership team brings together a broad range of knowledge from many different industries. We are a learning organization – both in terms of our commitment to personal development, and in how we leverage our collective experience to ensure that our products, services and culture reflect the needs and values of the industries we serve.

Our Partners

ASG has been active in the Canadian assistance industry for decades. In that time we have amassed significant know-how which has translated into numerous intellectual properties. However, we remain committed to selecting and engaging world-class partners who can strengthen our service offering. Our partners add to our ability to provide unmatched customer care solutions for the moments that matter most. At ASG we thrive on bringing new solutions to life.

Featured Partners

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