The app is designed to service Canadian registered Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

The app will allow you to register multiple Ford/Lincoln vehicles. When a roadside assistance service is requested the app will detect if multiple vehicles are registered and will ask which vehicle requires assistance.

As long as you have your Location Services turned on, the app will retrieve the GPS coordinates of your device. If you are not with your vehicle, you can also manually provide the address of where the vehicle is.

Your roadside benefits and coverage terms are available in your Owner’s Manual, as well can be found at www.ford.ca in the ‘For Owners / Roadside Assistance’ page. Or www.lincolncanada.com/warranty/roadside-assistance

If your coverage has expired, we will not leave you helpless! You may still use the app to submit your request and a roadside assistance agent will contact you to provide you with options to receive service.

To submit your roadside assistance claim for reimbursement consideration, please visit here to submit your claim online.