Assistance Services Group has the expertise that is unequalled in providing roadside assistance under OEM new car and extended warranties since 1989. That same year we also partnered with Agero (formerly Cross Country Automotive Services) ensuring consistent, seamless, exemplary service throughout North America. Our primary focus has always been to maximize vehicle owner satisfaction while truly assisting our customers/partners in their ongoing efforts to reduce costs, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase vehicle sales.

Our strength lies in cultivating relationships with our corporate clients to build long term service strategies. This is why, that in any given month, Assistance Services Group provides roadside assistance for over 64% of all new vehicles sold in Canada. Our performance development department and our agents receive consistent vehicle and service delivery training, updates, and communication directly from our auto manufacturer customers as well as leveraging the client relationships of our partner Agero. We also have extensive experience providing private-labelled programs such as Post-Warranty Roadside Assistance coverage plans, Dealer Inspection programs, and various branded Finance & Insurance-related services.