Your next sale depends on caring about your last one.

Relationships are key to your business. In part, this is because customer acquisition costs 6-7 times more than customer retention. So ensuring that your customers have only positive experiences with your company is a top priority. As a dealer or manufacturer, you have to come through on your promises; from product guarantees, to deliveries, to after-sales care. Assistance Services Group (ASG) provides exceptional customer experiences on behalf of your company with our white label automotive customer service. We’ve been solving problems for automobile manufacturers and their dealer networks for over 10 years.

How it Works

ASG supports your business in every sense of the word. We will help you establish a plan for your program and then manage it with your input. We will also keep you updated on your operation, help monitor inventory and address issues as they arise. As your partner, ASG has the necessary expertise to help resolve service situations, from gathering documentation to settling claims. What sets us apart is that our representatives become your voice when communicating with customers. We greet each caller with your company name and salutation. Our approach to service reflects your business goals, priorities and values.


of customers will never do business with that company again after one negative experience.

Service Features

Bilingual 24-hour access for customers, seven days a week

Fulfillment of materials, via mail, courier, or other electronic channels as required

Designated product information and marketing support lines

Direct access to support recalls and other issues of warranty coverage


increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%.