A leading global automotive information software organization stated there will be over 90 million connected cars on the road with 53% of the cars in the world having factory-installed telematics services.

These services continue to expand with the required map upgrades. Commonplace programs today include remote door access, remote climate control, and engine activation. Data downloads, over-the-air engine software updates, along with driver-related concierge and SMS messaging (direct to the in-dash screen) are quickly moving from a top tier subscription-only benefit to base telematics packages.

Assistance Services Group (ASG) has built a proprietary back-end dispatch system with the flexibility, customization, and adaptability to meet our client’s telematics system integration requirements. 

Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service offering began with receiving direct dial voice calls from the vehicle, that were routed through the switch with appropriate notification to the contact centre agent to differentiate this method of contact from that of a traditional landline. This has evolved with other OEM clients through to a fully detailed marriage of voice and data solutions that will continue to expand in the Canadian marketplace.

Most common practices today that apply to our roadside service offering is the capability to receive vehicle location coordinates and customer profile information that is matched to the OEM RDR records and is served to the customer assistance agents so they are fully prepped to respond to the caller with an efficient and personalized service delivery. Industry expectation is that mobile applications and in-vehicle technology will be commonplace in all vehicle segments in the future.