Accidents happen.
Fraud shouldn’t have to.

Private Label Auto Insurance Fraud Detection Services

Our accident towing program safeguards insurers and policyholders from unfair towing practices. In Ontario alone, auto insurance fraud ranges between $770 million and $1.6 billion per year. Tow operators called “chasers” often take control over what occurs at the scene of an accident because they can get there first. They will offer services not related to towing such as referrals to disreputable shops, healthcare and legal services. Policyholders, when involved in an accident, don’t always know their rights or what to do when confronted by a “chaser.”

Assistance Services Group’s (ASG) unique offering helps insurance companies prevent, detect and reduce fraud. This, is in addition to the provision of professional and timely towing.

We will work in partnership with all major insurers, leveraging an extensive network of towing operators, healthcare professionals and customer service representatives. Supporting the business needs of insurance companies, ASG  takes a proactive role in fraud prevention and management.

Policyholders can call a dedicated toll-free number to their insurance company or ASG from the scene of an accident or at the CRC, and our affiliated towing operators will be dispatched immediately. They will ensure the vehicle recovery and movement is hassle-free and completed in accordance with the insurance provider’s protocol.

private label insurance risk solutions


In Ontario alone, auto insurance fraud ranges between $770 million and 1.6 billion per year.

Service Features

We help you control the tow by towing the vehicle to your preferred shop over 84% of the time.

Our accident event management program brings you claim savings.

We help you limit or eliminate storage and related costs.

We are available to your policyholders 24/7/365 on their preferred device.

Give your policy holder professional help and trusted advice when they need it. Right away.


Tow a policyholder's vehicle to your preferred shop.