Customer Service

We understand that relationships are the key to your business. If you want your customers and potential customers to have a positive experience with your company, you have to be available to them whenever they need you. You also have to come through on your promises, from product guarantees to timely delivery. Trust Assistance Services Group to provide a better customer experience for people who need a solution from your company.  Especially if that company happens to sell automobiles.  We have been helping to solve problems for customers of automobile manufacturers and their dealer networks for over ten years. 

Key Features

  • Bilingual 24-hour access for customers, seven days a week
  • Fulfillment of materials, via mail or courier, or other electronic channels as required
  • Designated product information and marketing support lines
  • As required direct access to support recalls and other issues of warranty coverage

How does it work?

When we call ourselves your business support partner, we mean exactly that. We will help you establish a plan for your program, and then manage it with your input. We will also keep you updated on your operation, so you know exactly what products are moving in and out of your inventory, and what the issues are as they arise. As your call centre service provider, our operators become your voice on the phone to your customers. We greet each caller with your company name and salutation, and our service reflects your business goals and priorities.

To increase your service efficiency, we can also act as your Third Party Administrator. We have the necessary expertise to resolve all service situations, from gathering required documentation to settling a claim.