Emergency Roadside Assistance

Flat Tire?  Stalled Vehicle?  Out of gas?  Every day, people run into problems with their vehicles.  Sometimes they're able to handle the situation themselves, but in most cases, they need help and advice from an expert.

Assistance Services Group is a recognized Leader in providing premium roadside assistance  across North America.

Our services can help you provide the support your customers need when they have automobile trouble.  With just a phone call, a web request, a push of a button from inside the vehicle itself, or via a mobile app; they can have access to informed assistance from one of our operators. If a dispatch is required, your customers can be satisfied and assured to know they have access to a national network of quality towing facilities who can quickly get them back on the road. 

Our On-Site Providers

Your clients want fast, knowledgeable service; and our research has shown that, repeatedly over many years.  One of the absolute core components to that service is the On-Site provider or tow truck operator. Our On-Site Providers are selected and trained to be the most knowledgeable and proficient at providing high-end customer service.

We have concentrated our Network Operations efforts on finding, grooming, and working with with tow and recovery operators who are not contracted with other Canadian roadside providers.

Our Service Providers work with confidence and precision on our client’s most technologically sophisticated vehicles.

Their role is NOT just to tow a vehicle; their role is to understand, maintain and enhance your brand.

Your Benefits:

  • Builds positive relationships with your customers by offering a valuable service
  • Enhances your image with customers
  • Differentiates you from your competition

Your Customers Benefits:

  • Peace of mind when they are on the road
  • Mutli-Modal communication capabilities to match their preferred method
  • Easy access to 24-hour service
  • Access to North American tourism information and maps, customized to reflect your corporate identity
  • Immediate help if a roadside emergency occurs

Benefit options offered with Roadside Assistance:

  • Emergency service calls (boosts, tire changes, lock-outs, fuel delivery,)
  • Towing services
  • Travel planning services
  • Traffic accident emergency services
  • Tire & Wheel Hazard Services
  • Motorist legal services
  • Hazardous weather services
  • Stolen vehicle services
  • Vandalism services
  • Fire damage services
  • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system capabilities